Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Parents - Want a Support Group?

Hello, parents of students in Special Education in Woodstock (or anywhere in McHenry County):

Would you like a support group in Woodstock? A support group that actually supported you?

If you would like a group formed that allowed you to participate in person, online, by email, by phone - a group that is convenient for you - let me know.

There are parents in Woodstock who would like this type of group. For those interested in a meeting, a meeting place can be arranged. There are several locations available close to the Square.

Tired? Burned out? Frustrated? Feel there is no sense trying to change something that doesn't want to change?

Let me know that you are interested, and I'll let you know when the group will meet. Plus I'll announce it here.

Email: gusphilpot@aol.com (N.B., one "t" (although my last name has two t's)
Phone: 815.338.2666

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