Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dealing with Schools - pass the Excedrin

Why should it be so difficult to deal with schools, school districts, teachers, staff?

One would think that adults should be able to communicate in adult terms (not adult language, if you please) and be understood. Communicate should take place in respectful terms. And the parties might not always agree.

What happens when they don't agree? Why do noses get out of joint when a decision is questioned or when explanations are sought or reasons asked?

My experience is that too many teachers follow this method of life: "Do what I say. Do it. Do it right now. Don't ask questions. If you are questions, you are being insubordinate and there will be consequences."

So students learn to shut up. Sometimes they just go and do what they were going to do, anyway. And then they pay the price - they get "consequences."

We need to be teaching our kids to inquire, to challenge, to question, not to accept instantly everything that is said. In other words, ask questions and make up your own mind. And we need to help guide them in making good choices.

In the meantime, where is the Excedrin?

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