Sunday, May 31, 2009

New website for mental illness information

Having trouble finding information about various mental illness conditions and disorders. Don’t know where to start?

The following information was received about a new blog and information base for bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses, but I think it is much broader than that.

Here is a free blog on which parents can check out several different illnesses. Psychiatric disorders include ADD and ADHD, Bipolar, Depression and Anxiety. Doctors who moderate the blog are reportedly on staff at Harvard.

The main website includes links to all conditions, topics, doctor credentials, and background.

For bipolar, in particular, go to

Physicians for Patients is a physician enhanced online support community. A physician is dedicated to each site to help guide discussions and answer questions. This resource will enable people to share information and obtain alternative opinions.

The bipolar information physician is Brian Gondos, MD, whose specialty is Psychiatry. Dr. Gondos is dedicated to the Bipolar site. He is board certified and trained in Psychiatry at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital.

This is a new website and is being developed, so have patience.

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