Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Relationship Seminar Today

Today's seminar, A New Perspective in Dealing with the Challenging Behaviors of Chidlren and Adolescents, at MCC was absolutely first-class. Eric Guy, M.S.W., L.S.W., from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, addressed a group of parents and clinicians from 8:00-4:00PM and provided a wide amount of information to help the audience understand and interact with their children and clients who are affected by behavioral and emotional disturbances.

Eric is the type of speaker you want in front of an audience. All day he spoke from the front of the stage, only occasionally retreating to the podium to cue a video clip for projection onto the large screen. Eric didn't "lecture" - he spoke from his heart with valuable information and personal stories.

You can learn more about Eric at

Eric will return to McHenry County for a Level 1 Certification and Intensive Attachment Training. The 2 1/2-day Intensive will be November 19-21 at MCC. Check out his website and

For more information on the Intensive, contact Natalie Eckman at or Dawn Carmichael, L.C.P.C., in Rockford at 815.968.5342

Today's program was sponsored, in part, by FamiliesETC (Families Empowered to Change), part of the Family CARE Project of the McHenry County Mental Health Board, and now located in McHenry in the former offices of Family Services at 5320 West Elm Street. Contact for information about parent support groups and other trainings.

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