Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who you gonna call...

... when your kids are having tantrums, biting their friends (or siblings or you), constantly interrupting you, using bad words???

Recently I came across two websites that will be of interest to all parents of younger children. And, most likely, to parents of older children, too, when they are acting like they are years younger. And maybe even some others we know...

Author and trainer Gail Reichlin gives presentations all over the country and abroad relating to positive discipline and communication for all ages. Boy! Could we use her right here in McHenry County!
Visit and also for information and ideas. And you can order your very own autographed copy of the Pocket Parent from her website. Or call Read Between the Lynes Bookstore right here in Woodstock; if Arlene doesn't carry it already, she'll be glad to order it for you.
Gail's workshop and training style is described as interactive, funny, supportive and very practical.
When the new Parent Advisory Councils are up and running, maybe we can fill the Woodstock Opera House one night for a District-wide or County-wide program.

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