Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bullying - how prevalent is it?

Just how bad is bullying in schools in McHenry County?

Schools claim to have anti-bullying policies and programs. The State requires that schools be safe. Many organizations are examining the problems with bullying in schools.

Which schools are the worse?
Which schools have tight policies against bullying and take strict action fast to put a stop to it?

Which administrators are like ostriches?

What happens when students report being bullied to school counselors, social workers, deans, assistant principals?

Do they have to follow a "chain-of-command" or can they go straight to the top dog in the school? And be taken seriously?

"Boys will be boys" doesn't fly any more. And it's not just the boys who are bullies!

One idea might be to create an independent hotline for reports of bullying. Sort of like the McHenry County Crisis Line, but run jointly by teams that involve concerned parents, not just "the professionals". Bullying reports to the hotline could be compared with reports from schools.

If the hotline is getting calls about bullying at xxx School but the School denies any reports of bullying, there is a big red flag flying in McHenry County. Parent/educator teams could provide important support to the bullied student (or parent) in making and tracking reports to schools.

Thoughts, anyone?

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