Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Build advocacy skills this Saturday

Summer is a great time for building your skills to be an effective Parent Advocate for your child. On Saturday, July 10, at 10:00AM a two-hour workshop in Chicago will offer families ways to effectively advocate in many different situations with a variety of agencies and systems of care or services.

What will you learn?
- What advocacy means;
- How to improve your advocacy skills; and
- How you can make a difference for your family member.

Almost every week I hear that school personnel hate to hear the word "advocacy". Use of a more politically-correct term is recommended, so "they" don't get upset.

Well, folks, you can pussy-foot around the issue, or you can stand up for your child. When you stand for your child, you are standing up for all children.

Where is the workshop?

Family Resource Center on Disabilities
20 East Jackson Blvd., Room 300
Phone: (312) 939-3513
Email: info@frcd.org

The cost? It's FREE!!! (but pre-registration is required)
Remember Saturday's deal on Metra fares, too.

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