Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kirk & Casey Martin - Chicago February workshops?

Here is an announcement from Kirk & Casey Martin, a father-son team that presents family-friendly workshops throughout the Eastern and Southeastern U.S. Learn more about them at  Can we put together an event here in Woodstock?

This would be a natural for Woodstock District 200 to organize, and it wouldn't cost them a penny. Do you have a contact at D200 who could make it happen?

Do you want to help families in Chicago?
We need you to act now.

This is a little different, but if you are up to the challenge, we are as well. Many of you know that we are big supporters of an orphanage and children's home for abused children in Chicago. Casey and I have two goals:
   1) Help struggling parents, kids and teachers in Chicagoland through workshops.
   2) Raise money to support Hephzibah Children's Home.

The only three open dates we have to come to Chicago during the next three months are February 11, 12 and 14. We want to conduct Workshops throughout the area in local schools, churches and synagogues. Our events give families and educators very practical, concrete strategies that really work.

                        Click here to see a LIVE EVENT in action.
            New video of teacher and parent workshops are now on the website.
Choose which workshops you want at your school or church.
- Enjoy a calm home ~ eliminate yelling, arguing and meltdowns.
Improve focus, behavior and grades in school.
- Create stress-free mornings, homework and bedtime.
- Eliminate defiance and disrespect.

In order to raise money for Hephzibah, we are going to donate every single penny from workshop fees and CD sales to Hephzibah. Not just proceeds. Every penny. We'll cover our own travel and hotel costs. We just want to make a huge difference because the good people at Hephzibah are saving and rebuilding children's lives.

Because we are donating all of our fees, we have no vested interest--we just want sponsors to have an investment so they enthusiastically spread the word.
This is a rare opportunity to impact your community in many ways. Let's fill these three dates with enthusiastic school and church sponsors.

                            3 Easy Steps to Schedule a Workshop
1. Please forward this email to your PTA, Principal, school counselors or church leader. Let them know how Celebrate Calm has impacted your life.

2. Reply to this email or call Brett at 888-506-1871. We can customize a program based on your specific needs and budget.
We are easy to work with!

3. We have no special needs when we present. We just need an auditorium, library or cafeteria with chairs. We provide workshop flyers to help promote the workshop. It's that easy!

                          Call 1-888-506-1871

Let's make a huge difference in people's lives to begin 2011. 
Thanks and we can't wait to see you again!
How would your life change if you could:

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