Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Behavior Plans - good or bad?

How good are behavior plans? You know - those plans dreamed up at school that are supposed to change your kid's bad behavior into good behavior?

Did you ever read one of them? I mean, really read it?

Too many of them are punitive in nature. The teacher is supposed to catch your kid doing everything bad. And record it. And report it. As if that is going to "fix" your kid.

Did it? Does it?

Read what Kirk Martin has to say about behavior plans at www.celebratecalm.com

In this week's email message to parents, Kirk wrote: "Most behavior plans fail because they:

(1) Address the outward behavior, but not the real underlying issue.
(2) Assume incorrectly that the behavior is rational and that consequences work. They simply don't.
(3) Focus on irrelevant consequences rather than showing kids how to react to situations differently."

Who wrote that? A teacher - a frustrated teacher!

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