Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How many schools operate like this?

How many schools operate on a zero-tolerance policy that actually defeats progress, whether educationally, emotionally or in any other way?

Read this week's email blast from Kirk Martin at www.celebratecalm.com

It's about 9-year-old Sam and a problem in the classroom. Sam ended up with a 10-day suspension, thanks to a head-in-the-sand rule about zero tolerance.

You may be able to find the article from this week's newsletter on the Celebrate Calm website. If not, sign up for their free e-newsletter and don't miss future messages that you'll be glad to receive.

Kirk and his son, Casey, come through the Chicagoland area periodically, and you'll want to attend one of his parent workshops or teacher trainings. For information about scheduling, call 888.506.1871 And check out the DVDs on the website. They are worth every penny.

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