Thursday, January 10, 2013

Woodstock Parents - speak out

To all parents of Woodstock District 200 Schools (and any other schools):

What have you heard about improvement in safety for your children at their schools?


Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn't wait for school boards to act. He took action and put patrols around the schools in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Your school board here in Woodstock (Ill.) didn't even meet after the Sandy Hook shooting. Did ... not ... even ... meet!

You elected men and women from the District 200 territory to be in charge. Are they? What are they doing?

The Superintendent was not at the January 8 school board meeting. I did not hear any report about safety.

In fact, I didn't hear much. I think they used to have microphones in which to mumble, but there were no microphones. The audience has to sit back of the 50-yard line, far away from the Board. If they are going to speak in low tones, the room should be seat so that the audience is within hearing distance. It was possible to see lips moving and heads nodding, and even a few words now and then.

And then the meeting was over.

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