Monday, March 12, 2012

Need an advocate for your kid's IEP?

It seems to be getting harder and harder to find educational advocates to help parents with their kids' IEPs. Maybe that's because it's the parents that have to foot the bills to get their schools to provide the services that the schools are legally required to provide.

Why should it be a battle?

The IEP Team is supposed to be a 'team". That "team" includes the parent and, often, the student. Also on the team are all the school personnel and others on the school payroll. Often, the line-up looks like this:

Special Ed Director
Special Ed teacher(s)
Regular Ed teacher
Social worker
Occupation therapist
Language therapist
Reading specialist

The order ought to be Student, Parent, ...

And too often it feels like

Principal, Special Ed Director, Special Ed teacher(s), Regular Ed teacher, Social worker, Occupation therapist, Language therapist, Reading specialist
Parent, Student

If you need a professional, experienced educational advocate, call Pam Labellarte at (847) 401-5053 or email Pam at

Pam's website is at

I first met Pam in January 2006, when she was a Parent Advocate at the Lake County Center for Independent Living. Do you have questions? Call Pam before more of the school year passes. This is IEP season. Know your your rights under Federal and State law to stand your best chance of getting all the services to which your child is entitled.


margaret schohn said...

actually its district 200 against the parents and student. They care nothing about the student neither does the superintendent. i went to her office after a bad school meeting with my child looking to talk to her that was over 2 years ago last october. I still haven't had a phone call. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT THE DISTRICT that a parent has to wait over 2 years and still no phone call. Why doesnt she call me. She knows who I am call me if you care about students.

Anonymous said...

Pam is an awesome avocator..Pam helped me understand what questions i needed to ask to get on the coarrect track for my child.