Saturday, February 14, 2009

Get involved with your schools

Parents are busy - no doubt about it.

And parents of children with special needs are even busier, often with activities and needs that other parents could barely comprehend.

Join your parent-teacher organization (PTO) or whatever it is called at your child's school(s). Don't hang out at home on the nights when you could have a chance to interact with the school's principal and perhaps even other key administrators at the school.

A PTO should not be just a fundraiser (or, as some schools might call it - a "fun-raiser"). Get involved! Be involved, stay involved.

Have you ever attended a semi-monthly meeting of the District 200 School Board? These meetings rotate from one school to another through the District, and it's not for the purpose of avoiding you. These meetings come to your schools, so that it's convenient for you.

So, get off your duffs. Check out schedule at Put some of these meetings on your evening schedule. Show up and meet your elected School Board members.

By the way, this is a good time to find out who is running for election to the School Board. Go to a Meet the Candidates meeting and speak with them. These meetings are for all parents.

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