Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guardianship Program - well done!

Today's workshops on guardianship and powers of attorney, presented this morning at 11:00AM and repeated at 3:00PM, were well done and worth the time to attend. I attended this afternoon and heard that there were many more in the audience at this morning's session.

This afternoon's smaller audience meant more personal attention to the specific needs of those attending, and the session was structuring around questions asked by the audience. Some were familiar with guardianship and powers of attorney; others are just starting down the path of learning.

Speakers included two attorneys, Bob Farley and Brian Rubin, two providers of coaching and advocacy services, Annette Hammortree and Carl (Monk?) of Protected Tomorrows (sorry, Carl, I didn't get your last name), Deborah Leurquin of the Office of State Guardian and Rahnee Patrick, participating on the panel as a person with a disability.

If you are, or know, a person with a developmental or mental health disability who might need or want information on guardianships or powers of attorney, I'll be glad to provide contact information for those on the panel. Just let me know.

Discussions included guardianships of the person or the estate, special needs trusts, payback trusts, SSI, and other topics of concern to persons with disabilities and to their caregivers.

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