Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ordered off school property

OK, parents. What do you think of this one?

How about a situation where an elementary kid can flip off another student and his parent and, when the other parent attempts to complain, that parent gets a letter from the school district superintendent, threatening her with Trespassing if she sets foot on school grounds?

How can that parent take her children to school or pick them up, if she must stay off school grounds? Oh, ride the bus, you say? Not with the history of abuse on that school bus!

How about when a young elementary school girl comes home with human excrement smeared on her clothing, and the school won't do anything about it?

Would you say there is a huge problem with this school, its staff and its superintendent?

Not only is there a huge civil rights problem here, but there is also a criminal problem, because the parent was battered by a school district employee - on school grounds!

Next, toss in a DCFS worker who battered her child on the child's own home property.

Just how big are the problems in that small school district? Where is it? Not in Chicago. Not in Cook County. In McHenry County, Illinois!

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