Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"All kids succeed when all kids belong"

What a novel idea!

Norm Kunc, M.Sc., will present a community program on Wednesday, January 20, 2010, at 7:00PM, at Elm Place School, 2031 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, Ill. (only 37.8 easy, friendly, happy miles ESE of Woodstock).

From the flier promoting this program:

"Balancing Humanity with Excellence in Classrooms and Schools"


"In this presentation, Norman Kunc maintains that, although schools may be measured by outcomes and achievement scores, they are fundamentally about people and relationships. Taking the time to build a sense of belonging energizes the school culture that, in turn, inspires people to give 110%. Norman Kunc provides some very simple and workable strategies that teachers, administrators, and parents can use to foster a sense of belonging in their homes, classrooms, and schools.

"Norman Kunc M.Sc. is a lecturer with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a renowned speaker and has delivered keynote addresses on education and belonging throughout the world.

"Born with cerebral palsy. He attended a segregated school until grade 7; then he was integrated into a regular high school and went on to university where he received a masters degree in family therapy. Norman sees himself as a continuing the long held tradition of using humor and narrative to initiate self-reflection and social change."

The flier was received from the North Shore Special Education District.

Looks to me like a great program and worth the drive!!!

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caroline Gaibel said...

Finding a community to belong to can give your special needs child that much-needed confidence boost.
We found something that has been successful with our daughter and I share the result in the link.