Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Social Thinking

Is your child struggling to make and keep friends?

One of the big problems for children in Special Education is social skills. The schools can talk about social skills, but "talking" about them doesn't help much. Students can hear about them, but they have to have opportunities to use them in safe environments.

Recently I was looking for programs to help students learn social skills, and a friend in Huntley recommended Mary Topolinski and her Social Thinking program.

Mary conducts Social Thinking instruction, training, coaching with teens and with other age groups. This friend told me that she knows several parents who said Mary made a big impact on their kids.

You can check out Mary's work at www.mjthinkssocial.com/

I don't know Mary yet, but she probably has ideas about places to make and find friends and to socialize.

Years ago a therapist recommended social skills training by the University of Illinois at Chicago, but I was never able to track down classes. They might have been in Skokie or some other town miles and miles away - a lot of good that does the student in Woodstock who is trying to develop social skills!

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