Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tonight - anti-bullying vigil

Tonight at 7:00PM there will be a vigil in memory of a Johnsburg boy and other children who have committed suicide after being bullied, sometimes for years.

The candlelight vigil will begin at 7:00PM at the Midwest Bank, 3805 N. Johnsburg Road, in Johnsburg.

Bullying is occurring in many McHenry County schools. My own experience with the Woodstock School District is that heads nodded when bullying was reported, and District officials re-affirmed the Safe Schools policy.

And bullying continued.

It starts in the grade schools, and there is where it should be nipped in the bud. When it occurs in middle and high schools, discipline should be swift and firm.

It's not. And so it continues.

In one case of which I have personal knowledge, a consultant from the Illinois State Board of Election had been called in and she herself observed bullying in the classroom - by staff!!!

It's a good thing she was called in. What teacher would have ratted out another teacher for bullying a student?

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