Tuesday, April 15, 2014

IEP problems?

This article may be too late for this year's IEP season, but it's useful information, so save it and pass it along to other parents of children/students with special needs at school.

WrightsLaw is an invaluable resource. This week's e-newsletter features the following titles:

* Endless problems with IEPs? How to resolve disputes

* Get a handle on IEP team disputes

* Avoiding methodology disputes

* Don't agree with the school's IEP? Find out what to do!

* Can a General Ed teacher duck out early from the IEP meeting?

Go to www.wrightslaw.com and sign up for the freee, weekly e-newsletter from Pete and Pam Wright. Search their site for these and other helpful articles.

Their printed materials are great, too.

Remember; the IEP team is supposed to be a TEAM! Too often, parents are made to feel like they are merely observers or bystanders.

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