Saturday, April 18, 2009

Celebrate Calm was in Huntley

Kirk Martin, Director of Celebrate Calm, presented a fast-paced, informative workshop for parents of children with special needs this morning in Huntley. If you were waiting for him to come back to this area, you missed him. He had practical information for building relationships with children who are often classified by their diagnoses, rather than by their behaviors.

Kirk kept the large audience engaged for two hours, and many parents stayed after the scheduled 11:30AM closing to hear more and to ask questions. Kirk and his son, Casey, are Minneapolis-bound this afternoon, after presenting a three-hour workshop this afternoon for teachers.

I urge you to visit and to sign up for Kirk's free e-newsletter. His workshops on CDs are great, too.

Kirk truly makes a difference in the lives of those who show up for his workshops. Check out his travel schedule. When you know someone who lives along the path of Kirk's workshops, why not do them a real favor and let them know about Kirk's workshops? And let teachers know, too.

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