Friday, February 4, 2011

D-200 Parent U. - Feb. 28

On Saturday, February 28, Woodstock (Ill.) District 200 school district will present Parent University at Woodstock North High School. The U. starts at 8:30AM and is scheduled to conclude at 11:30AM. This program is open to all parents (of middle and high school students), not just parents of students in Special Education.
A variety of sessions is planned, including topics such as (anti)-bullying, co-parenting in homes, and raising healthier teens.

Registration and a continental breakfast begin at 8:00AM. The opening speaker is scheduled at 8:30AM, and two one-hour break-out sessions are scheduled for 9:00AM and 10:30AM.

From 10:00-10:30AM there will be a break and a "Resourse" Fair. YES! That's how it reads: Resourse (sic) Fair. Keep in mind that this is the spelling on a school district-produced schedule. What are we raising around here? What are we hiring around here??? There are numerous grammatical errors in the online program; they are not typos!

Another example? "Co-parenting with someone who lives in a different home may results (sic) in very different views..."

Everybody is in a hurry these days. Some say there is too much work to be done by too few people in too short a time. But, if you don't have time to do it right the first time, you definitely do not have time to do it over!

Do I have little tolerance for highly-paid school district personnel who make these errors? You bet!

Let's hope that Parent U. is successful. Notice also that program scheduling doesn't allow time for movement between "classes."

Be sure to check out the online Registration Form. As you examine it, ask yourself the logical questions. You'll see what I mean, when you read it!

Yes, I know I'm critical, so you don't have to tell me.

Check it out for yourself at

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