Friday, February 4, 2011

Excellent workshop on Guardianship today

There was an excellent workshop on Guardianships today at McHenry County College, put together by SEDOM and others. The seminar classroom was full, and the hand-outs were plentiful.

The panel included two attorneys, Brian Rubin of Buffalo Grove and Bob Farley of Naperville. Brian explained Special Needs Trusts, and Bob mentioned a successful lawsuit against the State of Illinois to obtain substantially increased benefits for a disabled client.

The advice of the attorneys is "don't assume that you can't get benefits (or higher benefits)", if you have a significant disability. An example was the level of care that can be paid for to a developmentally-disabled person only until he is 21, after which the State says the family can pay for it. Suppose the person needs round-the-clock care. How does a family afford that?

Options & Advocacy was represented by its Executive Director, Cindy Sullivan. Also on the panel was Annette Hammortree, of Hammortree Financial Services A representative from Equip for Equality, Chicago, came all the way out to Crystal Lake for this meeting, and a mother and her son from Johnsburg completed the panel.

Services of the attorneys can be viewed on their websites:
Bob Farley:
Brian Rubin:

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