Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you home-school your children?

Here's a letter from a home-school mom. The letter was sent to me by a candidate for School Board in Marengo.
To: Everyone
Please send this out to all of our home school parents.
I just want to let everyone know that I called the Senators office today. I have a 45 minute phone call with his staff member who was wonderful.
She wrote down all of my points and said the Senator might be in touch with me because my points were all so good and valid.
She is getting 100's of calls.. It is very important to call 773-881-4180 and voice your objections.
It helped that I am from the south side but they still want to hear from you.
These were the points.
1. Make public schools safe and make all public schools actually perform and then lets talk about home school registration.
2. Give all parents school choice.
3. Get rid of all Regional Superintendent of schools positions and save Illinois tax payers 4.5 million dollars. If Cook county can get away without a ROE then why should we in the Suberbs be burdened with their cost.
Right now there is NO oversight of their activities by anyone. These individuals don't add any value to the public or to school children. They abuse Parents and Children. I gave our personal example and she was horrified.
Don't find more for them to do...get rid of them and give that money to the communities to invest in education.
4   By providing school choice you will get parents to naturally want to participate in Home School registration but until you can make it of value to parents you will only get a back lash by trying to force it. Until you can make it safe for parents to home school without retaliation then don't put the cart before the horse.
5. Parents are tax payers and are not able to send their home schooled children to the public school for sports. We pay for services we are not entitled to use..fix this first .
6. Give parents the parent trigger law in Illinois. Allow us to take over unsafe under performing schools.
7. Force consolidations of small schools to bring more money and value to the tax payer. Right now Illinois has over 950 school districts..We should have 350.
Don't you think you have more to do in Illinois than this??? Please consider all of the problems First.
I can buy software for my child with 170 lessons in five subjects for $20.00 and its a better teacher than the public school teachers and I am paying thousands in tax money for nothing. And exposing them to unsafe environments.
 Please ask everyone you know who thinks Home schooling should be free from restrictions to call..Very important. Office is 773-881-4180
Send out to your entire email lists.
Cynthia Allen Schenk
Running for District 165 School Board April 5th 2011
Dr. David J. Schenk

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